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The joy that a new baby brings.

Introducing Chase

Ultra Soft Vinyl Kit

18-20 inches when completed

You will truly enjoy working with this vinyl.  From the painting to the rooting.   This vinyl's  natural skin tone makes it easy to build a true to life color dimension.

In Stock

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$45.00 plus shipping

Shipping will calculated after purchase.  I will send a separate invoice for the shipping cost.

Shipping cost will be charged at time of purchase since Paypal is not offering individual shipping calculator.  I don't want to have to use a standard shipping cost since the price will differ from here to California. So I will send out a separate invoice after purchase for your shipping cost.

In USA I use Priority mail 

Out of Country I use 1st Class Mail unless over 4 lbs of weight.  Then Priority is used.


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This is the body that I offer for my Chase kits

My doe suede is the very best material that can be used in making bodies.  This body will come ready to stuff.  I also send 10 cable ties with each body

Purchase here for Doe Suede Body

$20 Doe Suede Doll Body

 Cheryl Webber

is imprinted on the back of his neck

Chase started out as a polymer clay sculpt that I sculpted with my hands and the use of no molds

He has now been manufactured into a soft, vinyl Kit.

Chase's has full legs and 3/4 arms so he can wear all those cute summer outfits in 0-3 months in size

Chase with rooted brown hair

Blonde rooted hair





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